EU Taxonomy, CSRD, LCA (Life-cycle Assessments), Sustainability Data & Sustainable Finance


Experience as Sustainability Advisor at leading consulting engineering firm

Experience from investment banking and corporate M&A


... is working with businesses and financial institutions to expand and improve the managerial decision-making infrastructure across the field.

Implementation of the EU Taxonomy through CSRD and an increased knowledge of and experience with LCA calculations are our bridge-heads in that effort.

We are a Denmark based strategic sustainability advisory working to make sustainability an integrated part of every business manager or financial advisor’s toolbox.

To achieve this, we mix sustainability, engineering, finance and business strategy in one house.

EU Taxonomy and Benchmarking

The EU Taxonomy is a classification system for sustainable investments. It is a KPI for investors to quickly recognise what constitutes a sustainable investment. As such, we believe that the diligent business manager should view the EU Taxonomy, not as compliance only, but as an important part of the financial strategy. The EU Taxonomy is relatively easy to implement, as it uses existing financial data as its basis for reporting.

We help investors and companies with EU Taxonomy.

We help companies with correct implementation and reporting of the EU Taxonomy and strategic implementation throughout its functions and value chain if needed.

We help investors with data on EU Taxonomy – see our benchmarking dashboard of the elite stock indices in Europe and UK by clicking the button below.

LCA (Life-cycle Assessment)

The LCA model calculates impacts throughout use-, reuse- and recycle-phases. LCA calculations can be simple if a simple product with few raw materials is assessed, and it can be much more challenging if a project as a whole is assessed.

Just like the increased knowledge of the discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis enabled businesses to make better business decisions, a lift in the knowledge of and experience with LCA calculations is needed to enable managers to make well informed business decisions that are sustainable.